Thursday, January 13, 2011

Betsy, 32 weeks

If November was the Introduction of Maladies, December was Attack of the Maladies. Sleep deprivation turned me into (cue Nacho Libre accent) a crazy lady. After staging three birthdays and packing for our Mexico trip, I got hit with the worst cold I've ever had. After about ten days, the cold suddenly became much, much worse. I went to the urgent in Phoenix on our way home from Mexico only to be told to rinse my nose with saline. After several more days in bed, my OB finally gave me antibiotics and I started to get better. But the horrific coughing left me with super sore ribs on one side. For a while I thought they must be broken. Then my OB said I was anemic and was testing positive for gestational diabetes.

In short, it appeared that while Betsy thrived, I would be a wreck for the rest of the pregnancy.
But miracle of miracles, here at 7+ months pregnant, I'm finding a little sweet spot (or maybe the eye of the storm). The coughing is gone, the ribs are healing, my legs aren't jumpy, I sleep at night, and I'm not diabetic after all. After all that madness, your garden-variety pregnancy issues feel like a dream.


  1. That pic makes it look like maybe Jesse is the one peaking out of your belly. Which, by the way, is beautiful.
    Way to find the sunny side.

  2. So should I come visit you at 3am tomorrow?

  3. I'm not sure what day yet. I'll let you know when I have a ticket.

  4. it's funny how relative "feeling good" is.

    i'm very happy you're having smooth sailing, and at 32 weeks to boot!

    so excited for your little betsy to arrive.

  5. I am so glad you don't have diabetes! I always worry about it, because my grandma had it on one of her children, and I'm pretty sensitive to sugar. We are on the home stretch! Emphasis on the stretch.