Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Cradle

Today was a very pregnant day. Betsy seemed to ride low and heavy, and it felt like I drifted through doing nothing at all. But now as I look back, I took a meal to a friend with a new baby, finished a resume, and went grocery shopping. And you know, the whole carpool, homework supervision, dinner, basketball, Scouts thing. 

Also, I did this.

I made this pretty new slipcover for the baby cradle to replace the one I made for Roscoe probably 16 years ago now.

My bedroom is my business office, sewing room, and library. And now this corner is the newborn nursing and snuggling station.


  1. Wow, Ang - it sounds like your "very pregnant" days are better than some of my normal days. Your little nursery corner is adorable. I love the new fabric. Now you're ready!

  2. Way to make the rest of us feel lazy! I really like your choice of fabric.

  3. A very elegant pattern but it's still a very girl-iesh look of the cradle! And right next to a sofa. Perfection, I say!

  4. cute cute!!!! You sound ready for your little one to join the world :)