Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Buddy

This year was something that hasn't occurred since Logan was in preschool lo these many years gone by: I was home with just one preschooler. Jesse has been my buddy, sidekick, and jabbering companion all year. I've been his costume manager, sounding board, and translator to the wider world. ("He's telling you that Batman drives the Batmobile," I explain to the grocery bagger.)

We run errands together, eat lunch together, drive carpools together. And Jesse follows me along, chatting as I shuffle laundry, clean house, and take my morning shower (from the other side of the curtain).

It always feels like a different world when everyone leaves for work and school. The neighborhood becomes the domain of women and small children, and life centers on smaller, more domestic concerns. Like lunchtime and laundry and playdates. You might see a woman padding across the street to a neighbor's in yoga pants and wet hair. Mark and the kids can't really imagine how I spend my daytime hours, and I rarely have anything exciting to report. Each day I basically loop through rounds of the same things I did yesterday, with only small variations. (It's not exactly the same clothing I put in the washer yesterday. Not the precisely same array of dirty dishes. A different corner of the house I attempt to tame.)
This is Elvin, who joins us some evenings.

Soon Betsy will join Jesse and I in our daily cocoon of domesticity. Next year, Jesse will join the ranks of those who foray out into the public world each day. I predict that never again will Jesse and I have another season of such companionship. It was fun while it lasted. We're ready for him to stretch his wings a little wider.

(Jesse "watching" Power Rangers.)


  1. Man! I think I'd let my kids watch TV more if they were that active through it all!

    I can only imagine the glory of only having one preschooler. Actually, I try not to think about it. I try to think about how some day I'll miss having three of them - you know, like it was a positive thing. And I think in some ways, it is. If I'm gonna stay home with the kids - isn't it good that there are kids to stay home with?

    Your life will certainly be different next year. Just think how many years of just-you-and-Betsy you'll get!

  2. Angela,

    Loving tribute to your buddy!

    Have you seen Ariana dance her Peruvian Cambia? As grandmother to both, it's a delight to contrast the gender motion differences with to Jesse's Power Rangers' preformance. If interested and not yet seen her preformance, view Ken's website.

  3. I love the video of him watching Power Rangers. It may as well be a workout video!