Monday, February 21, 2011

Maximum Holding Capacity

Same outfit, same pose, 2 1/2 weeks later. Two days short of 38 weeks.
Up until now I've still been doing laundry, cleaning house, writing resumes, monitoring homework, organizing belongings, running Primary, and driving carpools. Which I think has been one of those tender mercies. Because with moving at half-speed and napping (or trying to) at all hours, it really doesn't add up for me to have been keeping my head above water at all.

Which may now be ending, or at least tamping down.

  • Last night I dropped a piece of paper onto the floor and moaned, "Now what am I gonna do?" in an inappropriately pitiful way. I actually considered calling Mark from the next room to pick it up or trying to retrieve it with my toes. 
  • I've been emptying the hot water tank two or three times a day, just because a shower or bath feels so good on my huge, sore self. 
  • By far the easiest way for me to roll over in bed is to slide out of bed to the floor, turn around, then roll into bed from the opposite direction. 
  • I watch TV almost every night. Not my normal M.O. But these days it feels so good to stretch out, be still, and let Betsy and my body do their thing.
  • I don't even notice things like a thumping baby, contracting belly, or jumpy legs. That's just how I roll.
  • Last night I made mac and cheese for Sunday dinner. "Okay," Mark said when he got home from meetings, "But I'll have what you ate." Sorry, babe, no adults-only fare up my sleeve. I ate the macaroni. 

At most, there are two more weeks of this. I'll be watching them inch on by from my easy chair. Or the tub.


  1. Oh, Ang. That is a very sad, albeit good-natured post. But it WILL end soon.

    Here's my advice: go buy a pair of XXL stretchy pants with elastic or drawstring. They won't fit you now, but they will fit you in a couple of weeks. And you'll feel good then because you have something that fits. It's a retail therapy investment. Buying XXL pants only feels good when you're too huge to possibly fit in them -not in two weeks when you are wishing for real pants.

  2. You're gonna make it Angela! Hang in there! Now that you're past 37 weeks, I'm rooting for Betsy to come early.

    I think Nancy's advice is great!

  3. I'm feeling for you. It's interesting to see how the look on your face has slightly changed as well. Soon you'll have a happy healthy baby GIRL!

  4. Laughing about the macaroni. I completely understand. Why doesn't late pregnancy come with a personal chef? It would be so much more tolerable!!

    You look great!

  5. Ang--I have tears in my eyes from laughing. Not at you, at "What am I gonna do?" about dropping something on the floor. I am kind of in the same boat.

    This too shall pass!