Friday, February 4, 2011


Here's me at 35 weeks, 8 months to the day. Do I look like there's room to grow for 5 more weeks? I don't think so either.
 Last night a friend in the ward threw a baby shower for me. My first since my good BYU friend and I had a joint shower in, ahem, 1995. The women in my ward were very sweet and generous, and I now have piles and piles of adorable baby girl clothes. Several women made hand-crocheted blankets too. I feel unworthy of it all.

Does it seem like I've forgotten all my other children in the midst of all this baby mania? Well, I haven't. They're getting ready for Betsy too. For example, this morning in Betsy's cradle I found this:
We've been playing Betsy with this little dollie for the last few days, and this morning someone decked her out with slippers and binkies from the baby shower.

Our chore board as two new additions:

This is the kids' plan for what to do if they wake up with no parents. They're supposed to help each other get ready for school and call some trusty neighbors. Last time, Mark and I left in the night, Jesse was born right away, and Mark was home before any kids woke up. We'll see if we can pull that off again.

For the last several months we've been working on this getting-ready-for-Betsy list. I always feel a new baby is a good time to raise the overall family dynamics. I've explained to the kids (repeatedly) that every time I have nag, remind, ask a second time, etc. it saps energy and fun from our family. So they might as well just do it the first time.

I'm sad to say we still have a ways to go here. I'm sure it has something to do with Mom's overall lack of pep and follow-through.


  1. You look great. The baby doll is adorable - great shoes! And your morning-of list is so sweet. It's much more loving and personal than my down-to-business ones were.

    Have I mentioned that I'll be upset if the first I hear of you being in labor is an announcement that Betsy has been born? Unless, ya know, it's like a mega-quick 1 hour thing. Then I'll just be glad that you made it to the hospital in time.

  2. Looking Lovely!

    My kids are taking advantage of my worn out status, and I am renewing my resolve that no means no regardless of how much nagging small children are capable of producing.

  3. Kudos on offering your kids those comforting plans and guidelines. The thought of waking up to no parents seems scary, but you make it exciting with the reminder that they will meet her soon! And fun with the bonus school lunch. I'll be praying that all goes well for all of you!