Friday, March 11, 2011

Elizabeth Gold

Today is Betsy's one-week birthday. After today her age can no longer be described only in days; she'll have to up her unit of measurement to weeks.

I love the first week. When each day is a whole new adventure in feeding, waking, opening eyes. When each day the baby seems to more fully engage with this new world. I always try to savor each fleeting moment, but it never works. When the week is over it feels like I've squandered it somehow.

On a happier note, I now have this:

After the long and tortured road of this pregnancy, Betsy gave me the best labor and delivery EVER! I still can't get over it. My mom arrived last Thursday night, so on the afternoon of Betsy's birthday we were out shopping. Later in the afternoon, Mom said, "Why don't you start timing those contractions?"
Betsy and her namesake, Grandma Elizabeth

"Why should I?" I thought. They'd been going on for so long they were just part of the (painful) background noise of my pregnant life. But I took her suggestion and found that they were consistently every five minutes. From that point on, things quickly turned from "maybe this is the night but I'm not counting on it" to "I think I'll go to the hospital in a few hours" to "We're going now!"
Haley is a pro holding Betsy from the first moments.

When I got to the hospital I told the nurses at the desk that I thought this labor would progress quickly and thank heavens they believed me. They hopped to, and the stars aligned so that anesthesiologist, doctor, and everyone else arrived in my room at the moment they were needed. One hour after we walked in the hospital doors, Betsy had arrived.
Actually, she only weighed 8 pounds and 15.4 ounces

The first time I held Betsy.

(I've done three labors without epidurals and one with an epidural that I now know didn't take. This one was divine. This fast labor would have been horrific without it.)
Jesse adores Betsy.

Levi and Logan meet Betsy.

I told Betsy a few weeks ago that it was time for her to come out. She didn't listen. And instead grew to nine pounds. Silly girl! Her double chin is unbelievable and she's got rubber bands all the way up her arms.
Rolls and rolls

Despite her naughtiness, we are in love. Betsy is much more serene than I would have anticipated given her in-belly highjinks. She has made the wise choice to peacefully endure her siblings' enthusiastic doting. Every day her rosy complexion becomes more beautiful, and I have to admit to having way too much fun keeping her swathed in pink, pink, pink. 


  1. It's so strange that even though we have never met, I have been thinking about you and Betsy all week long. So glad to hear everything went smoothly. Oh my goodness, she is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me sooo miss when my girls were little! Enjoy all the precious moments a newborn brings!

  2. Hooray! Can't wait to meet her.

  3. She is just SO beautiful! I hadn't heard that it was only an hour after you arrived in the hospital that she was born. Wow! I'm glad her life began with a fairytale delivery.

    I was secretly hoping that you would be less eloquent when you had baby brain. Curse you for foiling my hopes.

  4. Congrats! She is beautiful! I am so glad you had a good delivery. I totally cried when I saw the pictures. Only nine weeks left until I can have one of my own!

  5. I love the soft pinkness of it all. Congratulations on a sweet, fast labor and I am jealous of this very tender time--it is my favorite part of this stage when you realize that you get to actually keep this little soft cuddly one.

    Enjoy your week and let me know if your kids want to be whisked away for lunch or something.

  6. Dear Angela,

    I have been checking your blog several times daily to see Betsy! She is beautiful! Thanks for all the photos and views of this newest sweetheart. She took so much time growing those folds within that it looks like she's been planning on outgrowing her new pink wardrobe. It is so surprising and sad how very quicky the first precious week flys by after the nine slow months and the crawl like minutes of the last week of of pregnancy.

    Grandgrats! Brenda

  7. She is so adorable and oh how i Love those rolls. I hope you are recovering well!

  8. Betsy's so beautiful with her big cheeks and such a rose complexion! That's great that everything went so well with the labor. I just love new babies, although admittedly, Betsy doesn't look like a newborn as much as a full baby. Which is exciting too!

  9. I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful girl you helped make!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I have been thinking she must be here since you haven't posted. That is very wonderful.

    She is very gorgeous and delicious.

    I am now almost a week past my US due date and two days past 40 weeks. It is nice to see a reminder that it won't last forever, and I get an exciting prize at the end. Yaaay!

  11. beautiful girl. Congratulations!