Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing Dress-up

After staying with us for ten whole days, my mother left. The nerve! But  first we spent a morning playing dress-up with our favorite baby. (Well, Mom's favorite baby in the intermountain west.)
This delicate yellow suit was a gift to Mom from her Grandma Wilson before I was born. "But Grandma," Mom says she protested. "What if it's not a girl?"

"Don't worry," Josie replied. "It will be."

And I was. So this outfit is from Betsy's great-great-grandmother.
This is the gorgeous dress Mom made for Betsy's blessing. (So stay tuned for more pics.) The necklace and bracelet are made from tiny pearls from my Grandma's jewelry.
And this is the frou-frou dress I bought for Betsy because it was so girlie I couldn't resist. I took her to church in it on Sunday for her public debut. She was like a cloud of tulle confection. I think I will one day outgrow this current all-pink all-the-time obsession. But not today.
Betsy in a red rage cracks me up every time. It's just so unladylike! Pretty is as pretty does, honey.


  1. I always feel bad - but I always laugh when the tiny babies get so worked up in crying. Like their lives are really that dramatic. Oh no! You wanted to be fed 10 seconds ago? Tragic!!

    She is gorgeous. She looks so sweet in all those outfits. Your clever to put her in the blessing dress so that Mom could see.

  2. Ang don't you know all the good feminists don't let their girls get programed by suck ciety to love pink?... I'm not sure what they do dress their girls in... Blue? No that would be sending the wrong message... ahh Black? At any rate your abusing that girl.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    I dressed up Christopher in his Grandma's little pink nightie just for posterity's sake. First and only time any child in this household ever wore pink.

  4. so beautiful! I love the girly dresses! I hope someday I have a girl so I can dress her up in the girliest things I can find!