Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week for Family Home Evening we had a lesson on how to soothe Betsy by swaddling her tight and jiggling her.  A few days later, I found Betsy thus. 
Roscoe had swaddled her, then bound her with masking tape. She actually seemed to like it quite well and had a long, peaceful nap.
A neighbor dropped this by this morning.

Isn't it funny? It almost looks like it could belong here. But we're going to love eating it, and I appreciate the neighbors' concern. Poor Levi did get a pretty serious bite...from a golden doodle. So now he's scared of dogs. In the spirit of getting back on the horse that bucked you, I'm planning on making him go visit the offending dog (who the neighbors say is usually good with kids) this evening. What do you think?
Jesse wanted to hold Betsy, who was napping. So I sat next to them to protect her. And fell asleep. And then Jesse fell asleep. And so we became a domino trail of nappers.
  Good times.


  1. Dogs biting is not OK at all. Maybe not the first time if the dog otherwise has it together but the second for sure it's time to put them down. I know a kid with a big scar across his eye and face from his own dog. That dog was good with kids too until that day. They wisely chose the kid over the dog and got rid of the dog. Nice gesture with the cake but you better make sure your dog stays away from my kid.

  2. First of all, the domino trail of nappers is the most adorable thing I've ever heard. I wanna do it right now!

    When we used to deliver phone books, as I recall, my brothers were too chicken to do the houses with big dogs. So, I, the little sister, would do them because dogs didn't bother me at all. Then at one house, as the owner stood on her porch saying to me, "Don't worry, Honey, he's all bark, never bite.", the dog took a good chomp of my leg as I walked away. I was terrified of dogs after that - but only if they're behind me. I think having him go back to visit the dog is a good idea - but only because it's not your choice whether that dog stays or goes. If it was your dog I would totally be with Mark and say that it had to go.

  3. love the masking tape solution!

  4. When you gona get another bird for your blog header?

  5. Just keep your chicks away from the biter dog... It sure can happen again.

    Your Betsy is always wrapped with such a stylish blankets. Just love it - each of them. And love the masking tape solution (just a boy can come up with the idea.)

    (I agreed with Mark about your banner - but get a pink chick. ;))

  6. I love the napping pictures! The best part of newborns.

    And I never got bitten by a dog but I've always hated them--completely unexplainable clamy hands and rapid heart beat when a dog is running towards me. It's taken two years of VT a woman with the nicest dog ever to not panic at the site of an approaching dog. I hope that your boy can get past it at some point, but it may take a while...

  7. Love the swaddle-with-tape: some entrepreneur will take that idea and run with it!

    The boys (umm, me) are pet-sitting two rambunctious dogs from across the street for a week. I gotta say that after Day One, which didn't relly start til 3 p.m., I'm exhausted, and my spine has been stiffened against ever getting a dog of our own. I kept telling the lady she was planning to pay the boys way too much; now, I'm reconsidering. First pee-call of the day is coming up in 2.5 hours, at 6 a.m. Ugh.