Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Betsy and Her Siblings

 Betsy is happy when the kids come home from school to snuggle her. Logan walks in the door and says, "How's my girl?" Which is a sweet thing to hear from his mouth.
 (Last night Logan told me, "You're a hard-core mom," after watching me make dinner while nursing.)
 I agreed to take this picture of Roscoe doing a Mufasa-Simba, but then forbade him from ever doing it again.
 Do you see Betsy joining in this game of Monopoly?
 Now do you see her?

 Roscoe and Mark protect Betsy from a curious triceratops at the dinosaur museum.
Levi enjoying a slow start with Betsy on a spring break morning.
The tape indicates that Betsy needs a break.

But usually she's quite happy with her troupe of adoring fans.


  1. I wish I would have done a post like this with Meg, she was always so happy when they came home. Maybe it isn't too late now.

    And apparently having a sister will make them happier in the long-run, so it will be mutually beneficial.

  2. SHe is adorable andI Love seeing that your other kids love her as well.

  3. What a beautiful little doll face.

    It is nice to see big helpers. Sometimes I worry that I can't handle any more kids, but I have to remind myself that they won't always be four and under, and eventually, fewer than half of my children will be in diapers.

  4. I like Roscoe's haircut. He looks like he is ready to be 16!
    That Betsy is a lucky girl to have such adoring fans.

  5. love these little peeks into your family life.

    and the tape on the swing idea is brilliant : )