Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homework Time

Logan: I have to read this poem, and then write it in prose. [pause] Do you know what that is?

Roscoe [discussing paperwork he filled out today to take an AP test]: Is our zip code 84088? Good, because that's what I wrote. Why do they think I would know something like that?

Jesse: May I please have milk with my sandwich?
Me: Are you saying you'd like a sandwich?
Jesse: Yes, and I'm saying it in English. Because that's the only language I speak.


  1. Rock Awn Jesse! And Roscoe I'm with you. People are always asking my what Kellys phone number is and I tell them Speed dial 2. Logan check in with the Beastie boys for that one. Dass how I learnt all the prose I knows.

  2. Ha ha! If one of my kids asked me if I knew what prose was I would probably ask them to explain it to me. I need to go back to junior high.