Friday, April 1, 2011

Jaunty, Messy, Rose


Last night my two big boys were playing wii when I noticed it was past bedtime. (Actually, it's more go to your room so I can pretend I'm alone time.)

"It's past nine o'clock," I called over my shoulder.

Now for one of my boys, such a comment would generally elicit any number of responses--as long as it was argumentative, contrary, combative, resistant in some manner. Seriously, he can whip up contention in response to a compliment. ("Why do you sound so surprised?" or "Are you saying I've never done it before?") This boy is just emerging from several months of acute adolescent angst that has made him (and us!) pretty unhappy and unpleasant.

But this time I heard him say, "I was just explaining to my colleague here that we should go to bed."

A comment so clever, so pleasant, so cooperative it epitomizes all the ways he is different from the person he's been in the recent past. Oh thank the stars above for growing up. It does wonders.


I was busy feeding Betsy, so industrious Jesse made himself lunch.

Complete with a play-dough rest for his knife.

Rose by Any Other Name

Apparently the first endearment out of my mouth when a baby is born is the one that sticks. For some reason when Levi was born I said, "Hey, sweet potato." And Sweet Potato he remained. Betsy has been Honey Buns since her first minutes. Mark thinks Mustard Buns would be more appropriate given the usual state of her diaper.
The hospital picture, taken just hours after she was born. Hospital pictures have come a long way, no?

Also, she is Itsy Bitsy Betsy. Or sometimes just Bitsy.

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