Friday, April 15, 2011

Where's Betsy?

Well, she's been in temporary retirement from publicity due to a case of baby acne.

Also she's had her pretty little nose buried in her mother's...bosom. (Just call us Bitsy and Busty.) Seriously, I've been feeding her probably nine or ten times a day (several of those clustered in the evening). If it takes about a half-hour a pop, that's five solid hours a day of nursing. Lovely for Betsy; becoming tiresome for me.

Last night, however, Betsy woke only once. It's a sunny day. I got some sleep. I'm wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. It's Friday with a chance of chocolate.

Some moments from our week:
"Snack time cancelled today due to ongoing slovenliness. Try again tomorrow. :( "


  1. Ava too has horrible acne its so sad :( and yes all i do is nurse. but all worth it! shes a cutie congrats

  2. She's beautiful! And what a sweet, classic little outfit she had on. Is it one of your vintage ones?

  3. What the heck!!! I would never have know this was Betsy. She has changed dramatically since the blessing day photos I am looking at. We MUST skype!!!

  4. Congrats on the jeans, Busty! I wish I were close to there. I get a lot of reading done when nursing. It is my only solace.