Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Months

This week Miss Elizabeth turns 2 months old. She has lost that mystical newborn aura in favor of a much more engaged demeanor. She loves to look at faces, and if you're lucky you'll get a smile and a coo.
Late one night, Mark and I sat on the couch gazing at her. "Is she our sweetest baby ever?" Mark asked. I had been thinking just the same thing.

 We're trying to savor every moment. But it's all kind of a blur of feedings and awakenings and carpools.
Mark and I agree that heaven only makes sense if it includes the opportunity to watch home videos of every good, sweet moment.
This week I taught Logan this trick for helping a baby who wants to go to sleep but can't quite manage it. Stroke down from their forehead to the tip of their nose, like you're petting a horse. It makes their eyes naturally close long enough for them to settle to sleep.

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  1. She does look like a sweet, sweet girl. I love that trick. It only works for a small window of time - but it's an important window!