Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday Jesse came home from preschool with a note from his teacher on cheery yellow paper. A note telling us about a man seen lurking in our neighborhood, peeping in windows, and even entering a home. I forwarded the message around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon and brushed up on safety protocols with the kids at Family Home Evening, but didn't feel too concerned until today.

Suddenly my quiet morning at home with two little children felt kind of menacing. I was literally looking over my shoulder and walking around with the phone in my pocket. I've always been cavalier about things like locking doors. I figure I don't want to live in a world where we give in to the few bad apples by barricading ourselves behind safety measures. I refuse to recognize that evil has any power over me. But you better believe my doors were locked today. I was grateful when the kids came home from school to break the ominous silence and fill the empty hallways.

Then tonight my email account was hacked. The email account I've used almost daily since something like 1997. (Shouldn't there be an award for longest-standing email account?) The tide of filth of the modern world has encroached on my life of willful naivete. I've been sullied. So sorry to all you who received my spam. Don't open it.


On a happier note, Levi just came into my room and threw a copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at me. "Done," he said, and walked back to bed. This is his kind of charming, kind of destructive, kind of get-your-bootie-back-to-bed way of bragging about his mad reading skillz.


  1. Your cavalier attitude about locking doors has always driven me crazy. Just because you refuse to invite evil in, doesn't mean it doesn't occasionally just show up anyway! Even in Utah!

  2. I'm rather cavalier about locking my doors, too. But then again, you've seen where I live.(I do occasionally get freaked out at night about zombies and axe murderers if I'm by myself.)

    I figured you got hacked when I opened my inbox today. So sorry!

  3. bummer on both counts. I hate when evil creeps up to interfere with happiness.
    Thumbs up to Levi! Great book.