Friday, May 27, 2011

A lame post is better than nothing

Goodness, I'm behind on blogging. Here's Levi at his end-of-year piano recital. He played "Indian Song," which you may have played at your first piano recital too.

 My brother Josh came to visit. He's a very handsome fellow under that hair. I love my baby bro. And now he loves my baby Betsy.
 Aunt Ruth came to visit and ran the school Fun Run 5K with Levi.
 Actually, he left her in the dust and won first place for his grade.
And a bit o Betsy:


  1. Go, Levi!

    That picture of Josh could be from like 1972 or something. Somebody hack that hair off!

  2. Love the chubby baby cheeks!

  3. I remember beggin you to play that song for me back in Brawley!