Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Kneading tonight's dinner rolls, I look out my back window and see one of Logan's friends across the empty lot over our back fence. He's whacking weeds aimlessly. Sometimes as I wait to pick up Logan from school, this boy hops in my car, unannounced, for a ride home. Later, he comes by the jump on the tramp. Jesse joins in.
A map of yesterday's neighborhood flow.
After dropping a neighborhood boy off from afternoon carpool, I went inside to talk to his dad about his new Primary calling. On the way back home I stopped the car to chat with another neighbor on the curb. I watched my kids, and hers, and another neighbors' run back and forth from house to house as they figured out who was done with homework and who would will play where.

Depending on the ebb and flow, it's not uncommon for me to be left with only a kid or two at home. Or for there to be 10 kids here.

In our neighborhood, friends know no age discrimination. The rule is that if you come to my house, you're here to play with all the kids. Jesse and his little buddy often seek out one of Logan's friends. That same buddy sometimes shows up on our doorstep to ask Levi to "wrestle." If I stand on my front steps, and his mom stands on her back steps, we can watch our little boys' safe progress from house to house.


  1. Sounds idyllic. Your rule about friends being there to play with everybody is great. That's something that our neighborhood kids just don't understand. When the girls come over to play, they want to be left alone with Naomi. I end up saying "no" to playdates because I don't want to deal with the fit that the boys will throw when the girls lock themselves into Naomi's room.

  2. So awesome! I remember that from ky childhood. Alas, it is something that will never happen where we are now.