Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm still loving our (mostly) schedule-free summer. But this week we're taking a break from library days, playgroups, and loafing to pack up for a major summer roadtrip.

  1. Drive to the McGee cabin above Durango, Colorado, for Fourth of July weekend with Mark's entire family--happily, all his siblings will be there.
  2. The morning after Fourth of July, drive all the way to my parent's house in Plano, Texas. That's a sixteen-hour drive. We've never before tried to go so far in one day with kids. (Mark and I once drove straight from Provo to Chicago, but that was pre-Roscoe.) It's gonna be brutal. Mark and I have it plotted into four four-hour legs, with stops to gas up and feed Betsy.
  3. The very next morning, Mark flies to Ecuador. He and his brother are hiking Mount Chimborazo, which is the furthest point from the center of earth. (Though not the highest point above sea level, this due to the bulging of the earth around the equator. Ask Mark.)
  4. With luck, Mark will fly back to us in Texas ten days later.
  5. Then we'll all drive home together.
Summer roadtrips are one of our strongest family traditions. Mark and I love to swill Cokes and listen to 70s Southern rock as the road rolls under our wheels. We've crisscrossed Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas more times than we could count, and we've made it out to Washington, California, Michigan, and even Virginia, too. This will be our virgin voyage with six kids, though. Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck! I wish I was rolling with you.

  2. Good luck with the drive, and have fun for us in Durango!