Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School (again)

Today Jesse went to his first day of kindergarten. I've been saying it's soon, then I said it's tomorrow, and then all morning I told him it was today. When finally I had him change into his uniform and grab his backpack, he could hardly believe the moment had finally come.
I'm not quite as glib about Jesse's academic future as I once was. Yesterday I took him to "test" with his kindergarten teacher. I peeked through the window as she asked him questions like, "Can you count for me?" He began singing the ABCs. Badly. Then she prompted him, "1...2...3..." and I thought, "Oh no, stop counting before you say all the ones he knows!"

But all was rosy when, on our way out the door, Jesse's teacher handed him...his homework folder. A vinyl two-pocket folder for taking papers to and from school. Exactly like the ones he's seen the other kids toting for years. When she said, "Here is your homework folder" it was like she had said, "Here's your golden ticket for a lifetime of free rides at Disneyland." He lit up like Christmas morning.

I keep telling myself I should have practiced letters with him more, made him write his name more. And I keep telling myself it wouldn't have done any good anyway and he'll learn when he's ready. Let's hope I'm right.

Meanwhile, Roscoe started his junior year earlier this week. No cute picture of him on the doorstep--because he leaves at 5:45, when I really don't care about pictures or doorsteps. He has an incredibly challenging schedule and is already auditioning this afternoon for the Shakespeare troupe. In Mark's father's blessing last week, he blessed Roscoe with "wisdom" to see clearly how to prioritize his many responsibilities.

I feel like I shuttle kids to school and then rush home to pray, pray, pray them through their day.


  1. Dont worry, Jesse can always skate by on his good looks and infectious enthusiasm for life.

  2. yep no worries, you've given him what he needs the and attention...he'll grow from there:)

  3. Oh, he's going to be great. He will learn fast when he's ready. He's a very smart kid. But, I have to admit that his teacher has got her work cut out for her this year:)