Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Day of Summer

What did I see out my window this morning?

 Let's take a street view:

I got this water slide rental for a song on CityDeals and decided it would be the perfect thing for our last summer playgroup. I won't post pictures of other people's kids, but by the end of the day no less than thirty-five kids had played on this thing. We blew it up at nine a.m. and I kicked the last kids off at five o'clock. Logan brought out his CD player and the driveway became a dance hall-slash-tanning beach.

Little did we know at the beginning of the day that this truly was our last day of summer. In the afternoon, I got a call that Levi had been accepted into the charter school that the other kids attend. So instead of having kids at four schools, like I did last year, they'll all be in just two. Praise be! And school starts tomorrow! Roscoe has tomorrow to take care of a few loose ends--like getting his driver's license--then he's off for a weekend Scout trip before he starts school on Monday.

This was a great summer. The summer Betsy and Roscoe were both with us. The summer we finally had time to relax and enjoy our complete family. I'm glad we ended with a bang.