Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Theater

Summer’s winding down, and it just didn’t seem long and lazy enough. We’ve already been to Roscoe and Logan’s schools to fill out forms, pick up schedules, stand in lines, and hand over checks.  Logan and Haley start school next week.

Last night we went, for the second time, to the Shakespeare-in-the-park performance of Coriolanus that Roscoe is in. Roscoe fills like four different roles as a soldier, citizen, and rebel. The production does a fantastic job of modernizing the story with costumes and blocking. The actors deliver their lines like real communication, not just iambic pentameter. Jesse, of course, lost interest long before the final scene, so sometimes behind the stage we could see him running through the grass wielding his light saber.
Theater in the round.
Roscoe as his doppelganger, the punk rebel he could be but isn't. The people oppose  the war that  Marcius (later known as Coriolanus) is mounting.
Roscoe (back) storms Rome.
That mask used to be my cami. And those are his suit pants!

The price of war. Marcius has triumphed!
The play is largely about the fickleness of mindless crowds. After his victory, Coriolanus' opponents become his groupies.
Roscoe as returning soldier greeting his wife.


  1. "Kiss her! Kiss her!" I would have yelled from the audience.

  2. It was great to see Roscoe (even if I was chasing the kids most of the time).

  3. I think theatre is a good way for our kids to not only get over shyness but a way to explore feelings and actions that they would never or should never actually experience. Harry has really enjoyed being in theatre. This year he spray painted his favorite tennis shoes gold for his Aladdin costume. As I sat watching, I said, "Are those Harry's shoes?" Yes, yes they were. He has worn his suit a few times, as have others, mostly because he's usually the only kid who owns one.

  4. Oh my gosh- with the bieber cut gone, Roscoe looks just like Mark!