Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Children

While Roscoe was at theater rehearsal and Logan was at the temple with the young men, here's how the other Qshurst-McGee children filled their afternoon.


...played piano. She is now the proud graduate of three lessons.


...worked on refining her army crawl. My attempts to document this were foiled by 1.) her trying to crawl to the camera rather than for the camera, and 2.) her helpful siblings, 3.) her failure to follow instructions.


 ...made final adjustments to his train track.

 ...decorated his raingutter regatta boat.
Which went on to win second place at Cub Scout pack meeting. It was a momentous occasion for all of us since it marked the first time any Qshurst-McGee cub has won anything at any pinewood derby / raingutter regatta / space derby.


  1. Man. When you break it down like that I can really see how busy your house is.
    Everybody looks great!

  2. "3.) her failure to follow instructions."
    Sometimes I feel like my kids don't even speak English! Ollie basically ignores everything I say. So frustrating...