Thursday, October 6, 2011

In a Nutshell

This morning I growled at my perennially tardy children on their way out the door to school. Thus sending my precious ones into the world with their mother's exasperation ringing in their ears.

Despite being strapped to my chest all morning like some kind of Tibetan princess whose dimpled feet must never touch the ground, the ever-lovely Betsy is screaming and squirming. And has opted out of her afternoon nap for the last two days.

One of my children has devoted an extraordinary amount of work, dedication, energy, and time to an extracurricular activity. And the coach who should be a dedicated mentor in not. He's made it clear that he can't be bothered to think twice about this child.

To quote Despicable Me, "In terms of money...we have no money."

Yes, I still wear retainers. I keep them on a high shelf in the medicine cabinet. They have disappeared. Mark says he has a vague memory of some hooligan toting them around the house.


  1. yes, and your wall is a lovely shade of blue....that is a fact!

  2. Retainer Or klingon bird of prey

  3. But you're rockin' that baby like she's the hot Old Navy shirt that you must have this week.

  4. You look glorious with your Tibetan Princess.

    I threw my retainer away at girls camp one time, wrapped in a napkin. Never to replace it.