Friday, November 18, 2011

Betsy, 7 and 8 months

At seven months, Betsy worked diligently on learning to crawl.

Apparently crawling is harder than it looks. Trying to keep her balance and move an arm thisaway while a leg moves thataway--it reminds me of trying to get into a tricky yoga pose.

The moment she got crawling under control, she immediately began pulling up to stand, crawling up the stairs, and cruising. For several days, she fell constantly and was covered in little, black bruises. It was parenthood in microcosm: There was no way to both keep her safe and let her chase her dreams (of climbing up the stairs like everyone else in the family).

She wore these little pads to protect her knees. I think they make her look like a roller derby queen. We thought maybe "Thunder Thighs" could be her handle.

She's a little music lover. She squirms and bops when she hears a catchy tune and she's very diligent about her piano practice.

She still has a special place in her heart for Logan, who will stop at nothing to get a giggle from her.

 She's settled into a pretty predictable sleep schedule, but she still frazzles by dinnertime.
Today she's a pro crawler. She easily crawls all the way up the stairs and rarely loses her balance. Her dandelion hair has settled down. She's the most scrumptiously chunkalicious thing we can imagine and we all think every Betsy day is a treat.


  1. Thanks so much. She does have a different look with the hair finally laying down. She is a beauty. You should pull out a pic of Levi at that age. She sure reminds me of him.

  2. Those videos are just precious! The Betsy parts, but also the tiny windows into your daily family life. That pic of her standing at the stairs is just fascinating to me. Her ankles are so fat leading to such fat thighs, that it appears she hardly has feet!