Friday, November 4, 2011


Today Jesse went to school early to attend a special assembly and receive an award for being an example of the IB trait of Inquirer.

There are many things for which Jesse will not win an award this year. (Most Distractable? Least Likely to Know His Letters?) I'm so grateful he has a teacher who can recognize the strengths and talents he has.

He stood in the front of the gym looking bemused, confused, but proud.

I posed him next to this statue, but he was more interested in examining it.

As we walked to the car, a gust of wind blew his award certificate high into the sky. He walked the rest of the way discussing kites.

As I buckled Betsy into her seat, an updraft of wind blew my hair out of its bun and around my face. "Your hair looks like fire," Jesse commented. I caught a glimpse of my shadow and saw that sure enough, the blowing tendrils looked like flames.

We drove past a lighted construction signs flashing merge arrows. "How do they make the lights move?" Jesse wondered.

Inquirer indeed.

Unable to suppress of a moment of smarm, I said, "Jesse, have I ever told you that I love you?"

"Uh, one day you did."

"One day?"

"Well, maybe two."

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  1. That teacher deserves an award for doing this for Jesse. I particularly love the pic that looks like Jesse is having a conversation with the statue.