Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am sewing dozens of tiny rings on the back of fabric panels to make roman blinds, while supervising the creation of a Jackie Chan biography poster.

I am spooning smooshed banana into Betsy's mouth, while correcting Haley's piano practice.

I am nursing Betsy, when the orbits of Levi and Jesse collide and from the playroom I hear escalating screams.

"Levi, be a peacemaker," I call.


"Be a peacemaker!"



"Sheesh, Mom."

I am wallowing in irony.


  1. That photo is so awesome! I think you should frame it. For real. To remind yourself of your own abilities. I mean, that table could be totally staged for some book cover about the craziness of parenting - but it's not. It's your life! Sewing, playing, computing, babying...

  2. And, you are blogging.

    Laughed out loud at this one.