Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little People Christmas

Our Little People nativity is one of my favoritest things ever.
Every child of mine has enjoyed lining Little People in a row on the edge of a table.
One of Mark's colleagues once came up to me after Christmas and asked me if any of my kids got something from Fisher-Price for Christmas. "It's a sad day when no one gets something from Fisher-Price," he told me.


  1. I am so surprised how much my kids like this, even after a few days. I even had to go get the extra shepherds (saw that you had it) that they will open later.

    And Betsy is such a doll amongst those dolls!

  2. I wonder what it means that the kids line things up? Probably that the genius switch has been turned to GO!
    I also love Betsy's halo. It's the perfect touch.

  3. This is the first year we've had the Little People Nativity. I totally love it. It's fun to see what member of the group Baby Kelly chooses to perch on top of the stable. My favorite is the camel.