Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Header

Saturday was an amazing day for our family. In the morning, Little Miss Haley was baptized.
More pictures to come--Jessica used her camera (and skillz!) for us at key moments and I'm awaiting the files from her--but here's Haley with two of the four grandparents who came to celebrate. Mom made this fantastically gorgeous dress.
Haley was luminous, as you can see. I've written--perhaps too much?--about my struggles as Haley's mother, but the flip side is that my joy over her accomplishments is even more poignant. I'm so grateful that she is living this life in this family, no matter our flaws. Watching her broken wings unfurl and fly makes me very happy indeed.

Later in the afternoon, Roscoe and several of his friends celebrated earning their Eagle Scout awards. Roscoe personifies Eagle Scout values in so many ways. He's handsome and talented, sure. But more important, he desires to do good, to be good, and to keep doing better.
We hired an Eagle show for the occasion.
The best part of the day was all the family members who attended. Here you see my mom, Joe and Jessica, Mark, Haley, Levi, and some of our ward family members. The Flemings, Ken and Vanessa, and the McGee grandparents were also there.
So many people help support and nurture our children. Thanks to you all.


  1. Haley does look luminous and beautiful. And Roscoe looks great, too! What a fun day!

  2. Thanks for letting us share in your big day.

  3. What a fun day! You have some amazing kids. We love them!