Thursday, January 26, 2012


Two of my boys are showing the compulsion for research that drives their dad.

Levi has become a huge fan of Greek mythology, now branching into Egyptian as well. He checks out stacks and stacks of books and studies them carefully. For weeks he's been working on the computer writing his own book on gods, heroes, and their adventures. His plan is that he and I eventually collaborate to prepare it for publication.

His recent research interests have also included ankylosaurus and weather patterns. The other night at dinner Levi asked, "Mom, what's your favorite kind of rock?" I began thinking about alternative versus Southern 70s. Then Levi continued, "Igneous, metamorphic, or sedentary?"

Jesse comes to me every few days with a research question. One of his first was when he said kind of wistfully, "I've never seen a real platypus." I think he was thinking about Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb. So we googled photos and videos of real platypuses. Platypi?

Since then we've learned how chickens hatch from eggs and how Sesame Street puppets work. (Jess had come to me with a theory that Sesame Street puppets were robots in costume.)

I, however, did not take the bait on the day Jesse said, "I still don't really understand how babies come out."


  1. I think that's awesome. Learning how to study is a very important part of life that I feel like I never mastered.
    Way to not take the bait on that last question. Did you reply, "That's the idea!"?

  2. Hahaha. My midwife says to just tell them the baby comes out the baby hole. That seems to have sufficed for Grace. When I was a small child I thought there was a zipper. Not sure where that idea came from...