Monday, February 27, 2012

Six Random Catch-up Items

Last month my brother Joe and his family moved to a town about an hour away from us. One of the many perks to having family nearby--cousin sleepovers, cooperative car repair, Friday night parties--is that when Jessica had a baby, we got to enjoy the family that came to town to help.

Last month when my dad and Mark's dad were both here for the Court of Honor/baptism fete, I looked over to see both dads deep in confab, wielding measuring tapes and notepads. Together they hatched up a scheme for track lights in my dark, depressing playroom. Skip later emailed us a schematic diagram of the whole thing, and when my dad was here last week, he installed it all, a project that involved running electrical conduit through the garage, adding a new light switch, and many other tasks lesser men would cower at. It was kind of this magical confluence of handy dads. The playroom looks so much better. Thanks, dads.

Yesterday I realized that I can't remember the last time I saw Betsy crawl. She's a pro walker these days. Her birthday is on Sunday. My baby will no longer officially be a baby. *sigh* More on that later.

Last night Haley sat on the front room floor weeping. (Bad choices bring sad consequences.) Betsy walked up to her, crouched over, and looked deep into her sister's eyes. She put a hand on Haley's shoulder. She tipped her head against Haley to give her little snuggles. She stood there for a few minutes giving Haley comfort in all the baby ways she knew. It was beyond sweet.

Last week I finally gave the boot to the washing machine that I love but that does me wrong over and over like a bad-news man. That cheating cad is now out in the garage and a nicer, newer, better model that I scored on ksl for a song is helping me shovel out from the laundry backlog that had accumulated.

Last night while cleaning up an avalanche of Bionicles, I found the last missing piece from our Christmas Little People Nativity. Poor Sonya Lee, the little Asian-looking wiseman, had been the subject of a "Have you seen me?" poster in the kitchen for several weeks. All three wisemen are now happily reunited in the big plastic bucket in the basement.

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