Thursday, April 19, 2012

Betsy the Toddler

Although I was sad to see Betsy's birthday come and go, I've enjoyed her post-birthday month as much as ever. I've always loved little twelve- and thirteen-month olds. They are fully formed people, who operate in the same world as the rest of us. They walk into the room and join the conversation, they laugh at the jokes, they make their wishes known. But they're still so tiny and silly!

Betsy helps Roscoe do pushups.
Betsy's spunk and personality are becoming ever more apparent. She may be cute, she may be pink, but I'm afraid this girl is as strong-willed as any of her brothers. She, I kid you not, called me on the cell phone the other day. She shovels food into her mouth with fat man hands. She wrinkles her nose in an adorable, gleeful smile that she uses only when 1.) She finds Mom after a separation of several minutes, 2.) She does what she considers to be a neat trick, such as walking backwards, or 3.) She is given a jellybean.
The jellybean face.
Hands down, Betsy's very best talent is dancing. From the very beginning, this has been a girl who feels the rhythm. Even a ticking metronome makes her fat little body start to jiggle and jive. This Foster the People song is her very, very favorite:

That said, I can see that it may be time for me to tamp down the Betsy-worship at least a smidge. The kids have all started to grouse that Betsy gets more than her fair share of lovin. I'm starting to see that when someone compliments me on Betsy's outfit or cuteness, I should just say, "Thanks," instead of something like, "I know! Isn't she the sweetest?! This dress is from her grandma..."


  1. Those are some good moves! Put her on So You Think You Can Dance! She and Jesse can do a duet!

    What a cutie. But as a big sister of an adorable little baby who stole all the attention with her chubby cheeks and sweet smile and looking-just-like-Mom, I second the motion to tone down the adoration. Or else tone it up for everybody else. ...Maybe a little of both!

  2. Loved the dancing!! What a cutie!

  3. That is the cutest baby dance ever! Scott is still just bum-galloping around. No standing on his own yet.