Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Happenings

Last week I so, so wanted to take the kids to the beach for spring break. Even though we in no way had the budget for it, I came thisclose to just piling the kids into the car and heading west. Here's what we did instead:

~ I came down with a weird cold that at one point--the point when I was in the temple--was oozing mucus out of my eyes. And the next day I looked like the elephant man.

~ We took a family trip to This Is the Place Heritage Park as part of our continuing tradition of celebrating April 6 as the church's birthday. The best part: Betsy petting baby chicks. Holy cuteness. The not best part: Teenager demonstrating his maturity and above-it-all-ness by refusing (temporarily) to get out of car.

~ In the last week, we've gone to the movies in the following combination: Roscoe+Logan, Mark+Levi, Mark+Logan, Angela+Mark. In an apparent attempt to see every last thing showing at the dollar theater, Mark threatened to go again last night. I was winding down my elephant man phase and begged him to just stay home with me instead.

~ The best part of the week for me has been Roscoe. This year he's been so busy, and so stressed and exhausted in the rare moments he's home, it's really like we haven't seen him all year. This week he decompressed enough to turn back into the playful, helpful, ridiculous young man we know and love.

~ Maybe I'm just feeling the spring cleaning bug. Maybe certain things have been neglected during the past pregnancy-baby months. But I'm feeling like I'm turning into one of those hopelessly disorganized, slovenly mothers that my mother disdains. This week I washed out the inside of the fridge, cut Jesse's hair, and had the boys do some yard work. So that's not nothing.

Tonight Mark and I are taking Levi and Haley to a Jazz game. Tomorrow we're hoping to finish a major clean-out and reorganization of the garage and fix some shingles that have blown off the roof in spring wind storms. And we're planning on eating several dozen eggs and a few pounds of jelly beans.


  1. I totally had the same beach urge. I channeled it into planning for a Summer beach trip. It may be all dreams, but the planning of it helped me stay home this week instead.

  2. Could never disdain you! And you could never be slovenly!!!!!

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