Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8th Grade Dance

"Oh, that's cute," I said as I watched Logan strut into the school.

"What?!" said Jesse from the backseat. "How could Logan be cute?"

Logan was heading in to the end-of-year eighth grade dance, busy popping the collar and pushing up the sleeves of the shirt I had just bought him. He had combed his long, blonde hair til it shone golden. He reeked of Axe.

I remember dressing up for my eighth grade dance. My talented (and long-suffering) mother had made a dress to my specifications. It was a retro-looking drop-waist style made from a loud, vintage orange floral. I still maintain that it was a very cute dress. But not at all something one could buy off the rack. I believe this was the beginning of the quirky fashion sense that only blossomed through my high school and college years. (Until I hit a fashion roadblock as a young mother who couldn't quite pull off the Grateful Dead bell bottoms any longer.)

When I came downstairs in my new dress, ready to head to the dance, my parents surprised me with a pair of white leather kitten heels. I loved them. So much so that I wore them even though they were too small and pinched my feet horribly. In fact, I wore those too-small shoes all the way through high school, even taking them to a shoe shop to get the heels repaired when I had worn them through.

I don't remember much about the dance. I'm pretty sure Wham!'s Careless Whisper was played. But I do remember the dress and the shoes, and the message my parents were sending through them.

Last night, Logan told me about this shirt he had seen at the store. After school today, I let him convince me to swing by the store on the way to the dance so he could pick it up. And he's right, it is a cool shirt. It's a black button-up with stripes in shades of purple. Okay, my contribution isn't as awesome as sewing a dress and surprising my daughter with the perfect shoes. But I hope Logan will remember this little gesture of mine as buying into what matters to him. I hope he fondly remembers the dance, and the shirt, and the mom who drove him there, and even the little kids tagging along in the backseat.

"I still just don't understand how Logan could be cute!" Jesse said.

For the record, other awesome outfits my mother sewed to my exacting specifications:

- off-white linen skirt in a sort of wraparound style with kick pleats down the front.
- bluish-gray plaid skirt from the same pattern with slits in the front and back.
- Bermuda shorts made from Escher-esque fishy fabric.
- Bermuda shorts made from aqua-colored floral.
- white Bermuda shorts from the same pattern.
- pinkish floral sleeveless shell to be worn with the white shorts.
- over-the-top cream-colored taffeta formal with poofy sleeves and full skirt.
- purple satin Prom dress with oriental collar.
- full purple skirt with cool bandanna-style waistband.
- gorgeous wedding dress with simple round collar and princess seams.


  1. This post made me smile. You've always been original AND stylish. And Logan really is super cute. He looks just like you, and oh so much bigger than when I knew him in Logan, UT.

  2. Love the shirt. Love the Logan. Love the memories.

    And I remember that Prom dress of yours and remember feeling very cool-like-my-big-sis when I bought a purple silk Prom dress, too.