Thursday, May 24, 2012


Through the kitchen window, I'm watching Jesse and Betsy roll like cubs on the trampoline.

And I'm having a hard time thinking of anything more lovely than healthy, safe, well-fed children happy in their leisure.

Today is sort of our first day of summer. The other kids have another week of school, but Jesse is already out (kindergarten testing). So when Betsy slept poorly last night, then was grumpy by nine this morning, I just put her down to nap with no worries about coordinating her sleep schedule with carpool duties.

I always confront summer vacation with fear. I'll never have another moment of privacy until next fall! How on earth will I get anything done? But once summer begins I always realize how wonderful it is to be free of the tyranny of school schedules. I'm looking forward to more space to teach the kids what I think they need.

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  1. Oh blessed summer! It can't get here soon enough! I am so ready for little to no daily driving commitments:)