Saturday, June 2, 2012

Momentous Day

It used to be that each time we left the house, Jesse and I had to negotiate on his costume. Going to church: Sorry, bud, no cape. Going to Target: Sure, wear the whole getup. I usually went shopping with Batman or Superman. Halloween just meant he didn't have to change clothes before going to preschool.

Preschool, Halloween 2010. The day his normal getup was acceptable school-wear.
These days, Jesse usually wears "Roscoe pants" (jeans) or "Levi pants" (sports shorts). He accessorizes with helmets, swords, ninja belts, etc. as needed. But I can't remember the last time he wore a full super-suit. So today we culled. We went through out two big costume buckets and made a pile to send to cousins.

It's bittersweet. Mark and I always say that our idea of heaven is getting to watch the film of each crazy, beautiful moment of life with kids. The moments that whizzed on by before we could fully savor their hilarity, cuteness, or strangeness.

Me carting red-headed Batman through the supermarket is on my list.