Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 Word Love Poem: June

When Mark was out of town a few weeks ago, I read something about 6-word love poems and decided to give them a try. Soon Mark and I were emailing our mini love poems back and forth each night. Since this is the year of our twentieth anniversary, I thought it would be fun to post one each month on our anniversary day, so here's the first one.

Put an idea out there? Yes.

This one is inspired by a hugely influential little conversation Mark and I had one spring afternoon on the BYU quad. It was finals, so BYU had this slightly manic, slightly desperate air. Which kind of matched how Mark and I were feeling about our relationship. We had been dating most of the year, always asserting it to be just casual. But my plan was to go on a mission after the summer, and we weren't sure if we'd ever see each other again. Suddenly, the stakes seemed very high.

I was sitting on the sunny lawn, when Mark came bounding up. He was wearing someone's blue-tinted John Lennon sunglasses, and he thought he looked pretty cool. He wasn't wrong. He flopped down next to me and said, "I want to put an idea out there."

"Okay," I said.

"Me and you making a family."

"What about it??" I asked.

"Nothing," he said smugly. "I just wanted to put it out there."

You can imagine my response: "What?! You can't just put something like that out there and not talk about it!" That was the first time the topic had been broached. And despite Mark's cavalier attitude, talk about it we did. We were married about six months later. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Occasion of Roscoe's 17th* Birthday

To My Children
(a poem)

The sun gleams brighter off your brow.
The air flows sweeter in your wake.
The earth turns smoother under your feet.

May you fill the measure of your creation.
Swim deep oceans,
climb tall mountains,
draw full breaths,
spread your arms wide under rolling skies.

Fill big shoes,
lift heavy loads,
laugh with your eyes closed,
love wild,
think deep,
run far.

Earth is waiting for what only you will bring.

* Yes, you read that right. Seventeen. Mind-boggling.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer so far

New York Anniversary Trip

In June, Mark had to make a work trip to New Jersey, so we schemed to add on a weekend trip to NYC to celebrate our twentieth anniversary (later this year). We visited museums, saw lots of art, walked lots of sidewalks, rode lots of subways, ate pizza at Lombardi's and Grimaldi's, saw Twelfth Night in Central Park, visited relatives, walked through parks, and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.

One of my favorite moments: people watching from a little cafe table under the tress at Bryant Park. Another favorite moment: This heart-to-heart with Mark over pizza.

Roof of the Met overlooking the park.

Dinner with Kate and Alberto.

Me: Let's talk about our first twenty years of marriage.
Mark: Yeah.
Me: I think we've learned how to not fight, but I don't know if we've really learned to communicate.
Mark: Oh no, that's not a problem.

Me: Well, I think we don't always communicate well.
Mark: That never happens.
Me: Well, don't you think this could be an example of what I'm talking about? I say I have a concern and you say it doesn't exist?
Mark: No, that's not a problem.

Happy Return

Mark's kind parents bravely agreed to watch the kids while we were away. Children--especially little ones like Betsy--often struggle when Mom is away, even under the best of care. So I was prepared for a rough day when I returned. Instead I found all the kids happy as could be. Not even Betsy seemed stressed--largely due to the sweet care she received from Logan. With siblings and grandparents around her, Betsy did just fine. And after several days on Betsy duty, Logan gained a new appreciation for mother.

Summer at Home

Our summertime at home has been a sort of heavenly. We've done lots of art projects, logic games, creativity puzzles, and home school activities. There are a couple of big bags of popsicles in the freezer. Haley and Levi are learning Heart and Soul on the piano. We've spent lots of time pushing Betsy on the swings and walking her around the cul-de-sac. No one can count how many times we've been to parks, the library, and Sonic. Dinnertime is casual, bedtime is kind of irrelevant.

The Cabin

In the McGee family The Cabin and The Ranch are huge. For Fourth of July we went to The Cabin, along with all of Mark's siblings. We jumped into the lake, played card games, went rafting and kayaking and canoeing, and watched kids throw rocks into various bodies of water. Packs of cousins are a joy to behold.