Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Make an Awesome Blanket Fort

Do "forts" have the cachet at your house that they have here? Every few weeks we build a fort that takes over an entire room.

The tricky part is often the ceiling. Like in this picture from last year. The kids had used buckets of toys and boxes of books to try to hold blankets up for the ceiling. And it all came crashing down.

Fortunately, I have now figured out The Best Way to Make an Awesome Blanket Fort for the Amazement and Entertainment of All Your Friends.

Step 1: Make two rows out of your kitchen chairs. The chairs are the four corners of your fort.

Step 2: Fit each corner of a fitted sheet over the chairs. This is your ceiling.

Step 3: Drape sheets over each side. These are your walls.

Step 4: Enjoy. Bring in snacks, clipboards and crayons, a mini DVD player, a stack of books, your sister...


  1. I did a fitted sheet the first time a few months ago and I thought, "sheesh" what took me so long?

  2. Genius! Will use this tomorrow sinc e school is cancelled.