Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Presents

Today I conducted the final appropriation and equalization of Christmas gifts, using these:

(You'd think that by now my kids would have learned that my blog is a good source for inside info. But they haven't, so we're safe.)

This year, the kids will each open four presents (one from Mom and Dad, one from grandparents, one from an aunt and uncle (my sibs are on a rotation), and one from a sibling (also a rotation)). We also have several lovely family group gifts from the other grandparents, and I've set aside a little something for each stocking. And yes, Jesse's is a box of tin foil. Which he will be thrilled with.

One way I try to keep the Christmas season Christ-focused is by keeping the gift-buying process simple. Not easy, since in addition to Christmas, we have three birthdays and an anniversary in December. My process starts with this:
Having the kids write wish lists helps them off-load some of their wishful thoughts. You can see that the lists are rather extravagant. (Levi's list includes a laptop and his own room. Dream on, buddy.) Once their desires have been recorded and recognized, they seem to be able to stop thinking about them so much for the rest of the month.

Then I spend some careful time and thought weighing the kids' lists, their needs, reality, parity, money, etc., etc. We try to give gifts that support the kids' talents and interests. And we like to have a new movie or wii game to play with on Christmas day.

I compile it all into a huge Amazon order that I usually place on Cyber Monday. I imagine I could get slightly better deals on some things by shopping around, but Cyber Monday prices are quite good and usually come with free shipping. By Monday night, ninety percent of my work is done. I just sit back and wait for my friendly neighborhood UPS man.

And because the world needs more of Little Miss Piggy Tail:

Love that cheeky smile!

Okay, this is a horrible picture, taken by Betsy's request when I had just gotten back from the gym. But compare our eye colors. She is definitely going green like her daddy.

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