Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heirloom Presents

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about my own Christmas presents. In addition to some sweet things from Mark, here are my favorites:
These are heirlooms from my father, his mother, and my mother's father and mother.

The painting is done by my Grandma Ashurst, who raised nine children, then graduated from college and developed her talents in her later years.

The pen and pencil set is made by my father, who is a skilled woodworker. These I think I will put away. One day I'll have a lovely desk and fewer gremlins to ransack it.

The gold-handled scissors are my Grandma Benac's little embroidery scissors. I love having little objects like that to remember by.

My Grandpa Benac was born in Yugoslavia and became a devoted stamp collector. The frame on the left is all the stamps released in Yugoslavia in the year of my birth.
Aren't they all treasures?

And I've been so excited about this gift from my in-laws.
A beautiful set of new scriptures. My last set is now twenty years old and in pretty bad shambles. Too many of above-mentioned gremlins being naughty during church! This set is better quality and should last even longer. I've decided I'm going to read it. As in, start on page one and read until I get to the end. I've never read the Old Testament straight through before. I told Mark the whole endeavor is so that in another twenty or thirty years I can clutch these scriptures in my wrinkled claws and proclaim, "I've read this book, every page, and I can testify to you young folks..."

So maybe one day, this will be someone else's heirloom Christmas present.


  1. Those are some pretty amazing, truly lasting and meaningful gifts. What blessings.

  2. Those are the best kind of gifts: full of meaning and memories.