Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sibling Gift Rotation

Last night was one of our favorite holiday traditions: Our annual all-family shopping trip to Target. Each year we set up a rotation so each of the kids buys a present for one of their siblings. On one Monday evening, we break into two groups, making sure that no one in each group is giving to another member of the same group. Then Mark takes one group, I take the other, and we go our separate ways in Target. We sneak around corners, avoiding each other in the toy section.

Last night, once my group had finished their shopping, we saw Mark's group from afar. Logan hollered, "We're going to get treats!" Mark's group hollered back, "No! We already got treats!"

Then we all descended on the check-out line. Kids were dumping handfuls of change on the counter, hollering at each other, "No, don't look!" It's a wonderful mayhem.

On the ride home, we listened to Christmas music. Snow was falling as if on cue. The kids were happily thinking about the gifts they had chosen, hoping their sibling would love it.

I don't think anyone was thinking about what they'd receive.


  1. We do this with our children too. With 6 it's a great way to get them excited about doing/giving something nice to their siblings without going overboard.

  2. We always did this too. They still are my most cherished memories. I still remember the one year russ was working at the ice cream parlor and bought me an entire outfit from Limited Too. I died.

    Lucy and Abby did it for all their siblings on Saturday and are wrapping them right now. I can't wait till they all can.

  3. Lovely! It is amazingly awesome when the kids get just as excited about the giving as the receiving. This year we included the parents in our gift exchange to simplify things and Isaiah is still, a week later, so excited about what he picked for Dad.