Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Evening Slices, because every once in a while they're all home at once

Seen this evening. putting on footie pajamas. Herself. One of her favorite phrases is "I do it." fresh from the tub as well. He's waiting for me to serve him some zucchini bread, which we made inspired by a pbs show he watched as he was home sick today. assembling her class Valentines. Meticulously. working on a PowerPoint he's been making. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Some kind of guide to Greek mythology. blaring Eminem from the basement while getting packed for the Klondike Derby. tap-dancing. He's been learning a Broadway routine that involves jumping, swinging arms, and tapping.

And later. in her crib asking for "potty talk." She means a book called Once Upon a Potty which has really captured her imagination.

Jesse...has somehow gotten his sheets all in a tangle and now they're in a heap on the floor and his mattress is bare. reading Ella Enchanted in bed. listening to a Rick Riordan audiobook in bed. simultaneously playing a computer game, watching a Jackie Chan movie, and chatting with a friend on the phone. playing a stupid computer game because for once he doesn't have any homework.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fill-in-the-Blank Family Valentines

Last night I wanted to help the kids make Valentines for each other. I'm pretty sure they love each other, but getting them to admit it is a whole other story. So I came up with these fill-in-the-blanks Valentines cards to make sure everyone had a few  nice things to say about their siblings.

 My favorite part is the choose-all-that-apply list of adjectives.

 I had each person choose straws to choose two family members to make cards for. Then we all sat down with cookies and crayons to get creative.

Wanna have your own family Valentine party? Download the template here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jesse Gems

Last Sunday in fast and testimony, Jesse's Primary teacher from last year bore his testimony. When he began talking about the blessings of working in Primary, I feared we might be in danger of hearing something crazy about Jesse. When the teacher launched into an anecdote with "One of the kids was upside down in his chair ..." I knew we were in trouble.

The teacher continued, "One of the kids was upside down in his chair trying to bite his elbow. And I said, 'Jesse...'"

The whole congregation burst out laughing at the mention of Jesse's name. Which tells me that Jesse's reputation is farther-reaching than I had imagined.

Jesse babbles and blabs all the live-long day, telling about about every crazy idea that passes through his crazy red head. Here are some gems from the last few days. Most of them popped out of his little mouth a propos of nothing.

~ Betsy imagines you as a big fat hen.

~ Why can't we just squeeze the tentacles of a jellyfish to get jelly for our sandwich?

~ I'm going to make a book about slugs in love. (In fairness, Slugs in Love is a book he recently read.)

~ Me: Can you go do something for a minute that doesn't involve me listening to you? Just pretend I'm not here for a little while.
Jesse (running in frantic circles, screaming): WHERE'S MOM? WHERE'S MOM? SHE'S NOT HERE!

~ For bees, every day is deep-clean day.

~ If you bother a bee, it stings you. Like not if you stab it with a spear, but if you bother it.

~ (To Betsy, in a helpful, informative tone) Did you know, Daddy is growing old. So, that's bad news.

~ Mom, did you order my disguises and gas bombs? (For the record, I have not.)

~ I want my own submarine.