Friday, April 19, 2013

"I can go anywhere."

Last Sunday, Roscoe filled out his application to go on an LDS mission.

For those unfamiliar with the process (as were we), your bishop initiates an online application, then gives you the login info to access it. You print off forms that your doctor and dentist must fill out and mail directly back to your bishop. You fill out a questionnaire about your family background, health history, language skills, hobbies, etc. Roscoe wrote that his father went on a mission to New Jersey, that he has taken six years of Spanish, that is he an excellent student, that he is "moderately" (but not "extremely") interested in going to a foreign country.

At the end of the questionnaire was one of those catch-all questions, something along the lines of, "Are there any other special considerations we should be aware of?" I watched Roscoe type this:

I can go anywhere.

And that about sums it up. He is willing to go anywhere. But also he is prepared to go anywhere. Healthy, smart, righteous, hard-working, unafraid, obedient. Send him anywhere on God's green earth. He'll give it his all and bless everyone around him.

(We're hoping to get the application submitted this week. Then it gets vetted by our bishop and, we think, our stake president before getting sent to the mission dept. Roscoe is eligible to go after his birthday in July. I'm lobbying for him to indicate that he will be available in late August, after we have a family reunion and he has a summer to earn some money. But we're leaving the choice to him, and of course, they have discretion to call him whenever, regardless of our preferences. So stay tuned!)