Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Call

See this?

This little one-minute event sort of hijacked my week. As you can imagine. This is the moment we learned that this October, Roscoe will leave for a twenty-four month mission to Neuquen, Argentina.

We expected the envelope on Wednesday, but the mailbox held only bills and ads. So I spent that day feeling alternately pumped up and deflated. Then on Thursday I felt irrationally hopeless until I padded outside and found this in the mailbox:

I then spent the day in a useless adrenaline rush that made it harder to stage snacks for a crowd, shuffle the kids to a soccer game, and generally, you know, function. Eight o'clock was the appointed hour for Roscoe's school and church friends to witness The Opening of the Envelope. What you can't see in the video above is the crowd of thirty well-wishers crammed into our kitchen.

So then I spent Friday--still unproductive--awash in Emotions. I phoned Mark's ninety-seven-year-old grandma to tell her the happy news and wept to think of the generations of love and faithfulness that brought us to this moment. My normal absorption with meals, housekeeping, discipline, carpools was eclipsed for the day by a clearer vision of our family's larger purpose in living and sharing the gospel. Roscoe's mission has been a blessing for our family already. And I expect it'll go on.


  1. SO AWESOME! And it was soooo sweet to see him get a great big hug from his little brother, who I suspect will miss him terribly while he serves! I've been blog slacking tremendously lately, but my son who was in Croatia (who would have been home in a month) ended up coming home on a medical release after 6 weeks in country. I guess with his Asperger's, he just couldn't handle the mission and was stressing too much. We were hoping he could go back out soon but that has yet to happen. There is a whole range of emotions we went through, but we finally came to the conclusion that him not serving doesn't mean he can't qualify for eternal blessings and we have come to accept that things don't always work out the way we planned and that's OK. My youngest son is currently serving in Samara Russia, though, and is fantastically happy and well. He's been out just over 6 months. I'm so excited for your family as you start this journey!!! PS - My boys swear by Ecco brand shoes. They're pricey but they hold up really well. (And they do have sales fairly often so be on the lookout now if you decide to buy them.)

  2. On Sunday I met a kid who is also going to that same mission on the same day. What are the odds? His name is Elder Jackson

  3. Congratulations! I'm so excited that he will be speaking Spanish on his mission, and that he gets to experience a different culture. More exciting, though, is that the people he teaches in that mission will have the strength of his testimony and enthusiasm to help them in their search for truth. I recommend you start the process of getting the passport, visa, etc. immediately, and do it as fast as you can. We think we were not fast enough and that Tyler will need to go to the Provo MTC instead of the Brazil MTC. This assumption is based on hearing from a few other people who had their visas delayed and had to stay in the states for awhile.

  4. I just cried watching this again. Time goes by so quickly and I feel like Roscoe was just a little kid. I am so excited for him and for your family.