Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today Jesse's school journal contained this:
See the little heart above the red-headed scientist's head? It's because "he loves his potion bottles."

For his birthday, Jesse received from his grandpa a beautiful, handmade wooden toolbox full of all manner of supplies: nails, screwdrivers, popsicles sticks, zip ties, brackets, string, a pencil... It was just what Jesse needed to spark is imagination and inventiveness. Each morning of the summer, he would wake with a plan in mind and immediately begin scouring the house for the requisite supplies.

 This is a dart gun. The "arrow" is a ball and stick you see here inserted in a piece of PVC pipe.

This is a pair of binoculars made with a soap container and a plastic cup.

Look, on the inside there's a separate little tube for each of your eyes to look through.

This one is my absolute favorite. It's a meerkat claw. Made with a garden tool, popsicle sticks, a winter glove, and of course, tape.

Sometimes Jesse would wake up in the morning with an idea for new supplies he needed. Maybe suction cups or masks. He discovered that almost anything can be found on amazon, so we'd do some research, identify his price point, and figure out how much money he needed to earn. I pay a dollar for every two jobs, so we'd make a chart like this to show how many jobs he needed to do. He was amazingly great on the follow-through and earned money for some truly great gear--most notably a huge ninja-strength grapple hook.

The mess from all this was..substantial. Jesse basically worked diligently all day every day, roaming the house and garage, and virtually anything could become his fodder. Tape, of course. Also kitchen implements, garbage, clothes hangers... Here he is in the backyard working through a pile of junk. I believe this was to make a time machine.

I hope that when Jesse grows up to rule the world, he will look back and appreciate his mother's indulgence to support his talents.

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