Thursday, March 20, 2014

Too Many Tabs

I was in the van this afternoon. I had picked up Logan from school, then picked up the Hawthorn carpool. Jess and Haley had finished their homework. Betsy had fallen asleep in the car, then woken up grumpy just before we needed to head out to take Jesse to karate. I was on the phone with my mom. We got Jesse settled at karate, then loaded back up to pick up Levi from soccer. Then we'd go back to retrieve Jesse before heading home, at which point I needed to serve dinner before meeting the Mia Maids for an evening of Zumba and milkshakes. In the meantime, I still need to check Haley's math homework, and there were a couple client emails I hadn't responded to. In fact, how many clients are still pending? And it feels like there are a few more pressing items on my to-do list, which I would remember if I only had a moment.

So I'm driving along in my nice little minivan with my cute little kids wondering why my teeth are a little clenched, why I'm not enjoying tooling around on this nice sunny afternoon.

Later that night, I saw this:

my brain has too many tabs open...

That's it. Too many tabs open.

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  1. I believe it! I'm focusing on next weekends peaceful moments.