Monday, April 21, 2014

ADHD Update: One year in

It's been almost a year ago now that I first told Jesse's doctor that I thought we should consider medication for ADHD. And it has not been a smooth or easy road. We've tried, I think, four different medications. Several doctor visits. And survived unnumbered tantrums. Long days and nights of uncontrollable screaming rages.

But now, Jesse's fits are few and far between. He reads. His teacher grades him highly. He's only marginally below average academically. He is much more calm. His speech isn't as frantic.
Jesse hearts recycling.
Today I took him for a checkup with the pediatrician who specializes in behavior. It was the first appointment when I wasn't going to say "everything is horrific and you must help me stat."

This gentleman is well into his sixties and I believe has been treating children for decades. But it was clear he has never seen anyone like Jesse. After Jesse explained to him how sucker fish are like suction cups, I asked, "So would you say this type of thinking pattern goes along with ADHD?" He chuckled. No.

Jesse mentioned that he likes to use plungers. "Wait," the doctor asked. "I can't even picture that. What do you use plungers for?" On the topic of behavior management through positive rewards, Jesse mentioned that he bought himself a grappling hook with rewards. "I've never had a patient with their own grappling hook," the doctor said.
His creations grace my mantel.
I walked out feeling so grateful. Grateful that at least for now Jesse is in such a better place. He's learning and he's teachable and he's...okay. And grateful for the privilege of being Jesse's mother. He is truly one in a million. Maybe one in a billion. He delights and surprises and amuses us every day. Watching his creativity bubble is a joy.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Commercials of My Life

I am happily letting life get in the way.

Chase - Great American Novel from Finger Music on Vimeo.

I am completely on board with all these Luvs second kid commercials.

I even love what the moms are wearing in the second kid shots. She's relaxed, she's happy, she's in charge, and she knows it. Love it.

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