Tuesday, June 30, 2015

McGee Golden Anniversary Celebration

We just got back from a weeklong reunion with Mark's family at a huge house up near Park City. Thirty parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, cousins all together for a whole week. We took hikes, played in a reservoir, went to the pool, played games, and had dance parties. I thought a lot about how lucky me and my children are to be part of a family with so much love, loyalty, commitment, and fun. And so many great examples of building strong families.

Last night for Family Home Evening, I asked everyone to share some positive examples they saw at the reunion. Here are a few:

- When Aunt Vanessa came out to the car dressed up for church, Uncle Ken leaned out the van window and shouted, "Time out! Way too hot!" Which earned him a big smile from Vanessa. Levi commented, "Relationship goals."

- Even though he lives in a different state from his two daughters, Uncle Bruce stays totally committed to keeping their relationship strong. He calls every day, drives several hours to visit every other weekend, and blesses us all by bringing them to reunions. What an example of dedication.

- Skip and Brenda have ridden out the challenges of years and family life in their 50 years of marriage. To me, they appear to be stronger and closer than ever.

- We had something like 19 kids and only a handful of minor quarrels in 7 days. With very few exceptions, the kids were obedient, pleasant, cooperative problem solvers. What a testament to the good work of their parents!

- Jesse and his little buddy cousins Alex and Nico wanted to have  sleepover in the bunkroom attached to Grandma and Grandpa's room. We told them they could give it a try but that they had to be quiet and go to sleep. They did! Every night of the reunion!

- Haley observed that whenever her mom told her no, cousin Ariana obeyed without argument.

- Aunt Laura and Uncle Troy worked together in the kitchen to make dinner with lots of fun and cooperation.

- When Logan performed a (somewhat horrifying) screamo rendition of Let It Go, Uncle Ken and Uncle Bruce joined in to keep it fun.

- When Zach was about to fall off a boulder, Uncle Troy leapt over a fence in a single bound to rescue him.

- Uncle Markus helped plan activities and venues so everyone could have fun.

- Cousins Betsy and Allie played together and didn't fight.

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